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Chapter Chair Workshops

Chapter Chair Training

Chapter Regional Conference (CRC) is an important event for incoming ASHRAE chapter leaders. It's the primary event to receiving training for their incoming year.


To maximize our in-person time and hyper-focus that time on collaboration and discussion, chapter chair training is being split into two portions: 

  • April 27, 2024 - In-Person Workshop - collaborate on ideas, learn best practices, create plan for the year. 

Chapter Chairs should attend BOTH virtual training and in-person workshop at CRC.

23-24 R8 Golden Gavel Committee Awards

  • Chapters will earn points for 2023-2024 Golden Gavel and Chapparal awards by attending the in-person Leadership Workshop at CRC in Dallas. 

24-25 PAOE

  • Chapters earn 2024-2025 PAOE points for "Attend CRC Workshop"  if the correct person attends the virtual workshop. 

  • Chapters can earn 2024-2025 PAOE points for "Planning/Goal Setting Session" by attending the in-person Leadership Workshop at CRC in Dallas. 

Who Should Attend Chapter Workshop Training?

2023-2024 Chapter Delegates & Alternates 

Incoming Chapter President

Incoming Chapter President-Elect

Incoming Chapter Treasurer

Incoming Chapter CTTC

Incoming Chapter RP

Incoming Chapter MP

Incoming Chapter SA

Incoming Chapter Communications Chair

Incoming Chapter GAC

Incoming Chapter Historian

Incoming Chapter YEA

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